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ItalPiping srl is a commercial company operating since 2006 in the pipe market, and it now works as supplier of goods and services in the field of Petrochemical, Chemical, Energetic and Pharmaceutical Industries. The company operates on the national and international piping supply market, acting as an interface between manufacturers and users.

ItalPiping declares its own Quality, Environment and Healt and Safety Policy, committing to communicate it to all company levels and to interested parties, customers and partners.

Our action is based on the following principles:


The first one guarantees the competences to give the correct response to the corresponding technical requirements specifications; the second one concerns our commitment to ensure the respect of time and cost, to be efficient and make our clients satisfied.


Just-in-time is the operating mode based on our corporate culture and our daily action. We organize the logistical aspects and we arrange the operations of shipping, tracking, and more to accelerate the trading process, with the aim of satisfying the customer, with the commitment to minimize environmental impacts and prevent accidents at work.


ItalPiping srl acts as an interface between manufacturers and end users by providing customized for each client through specific projects. Every project starts with a communication plan between the company and its partners, which cooperate together to analyze the demand and find the best solutions. The final package includes the offer of products, services and technical assistance, relative to the specific requirement, considering the environmental, healt and safety aspects at work.

This Policy, consistent with the Mission and the Company’s values, establishes the following objectives and strategies:

Pursue continuous improvement

Define measurable, comparable goals and targets and indicators, considering in every action and decision also aspects concerning quality, environment, healt and safety at work
Promote initiatives aimed at monitoring and improving customer satisfaction and the prevention of environmental impacts and accidents at work

Ensure legislative compliance

Activate a careful and continuous control of compliance with the applicable national and international regulations, in a preventive standpoint

Involve stakeholders and promote transparency

To raise awareness of the Policy’s commitments and to involve company employees, suppliers, customers and all interested parties in the objectives and goals
Motivate workers to develop a sense of responsibility towards company objectives at all levels
Promote dialogue and discussion with all interested parties, taking into account their requests, activating adequate participation tools and communicating the performance of company activities in a transparent manner

Respect for the environment

Reduction of raw material consumption
Awareness of customers and suppliers

Job Health and Safety

Ensure the application of all accident prevention measures
Minimize injuries also through the training of all operators, aimed at ensuring their awareness

The Management realizes the development of an integrated Quality / Environment / Healt & Safety management system as a strategic choice. Ital Piping Srl is involved in respecting and implementing these commitments, ensuring and periodically verifying that the Policy is documented, made operational, maintained and periodically reviewed, communicated to all personnel and made available to the public and to all interested parties.

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